Sanford The Small Business Hub

Sanford has been a hub for small businesses since its inception. Even to this day in the historic district in Downtown Sanford, the city won't allow big box stores or franchised businesses. This is huge for small businesses because it helps foster a community that cares deeply about the products and services of the businesses.

Walk down the cobbled streets of downtown Sanford on a Monday morning and you will be surrounded by people young and old who all work together to build their businesses. The thing that makes downtown Sanford a unique place to start a business is that you are surrounded by like-minded individuals. This provides fantastic networking opportunities and the ability to cross-promote your business.

The local officials in Sanford also do a great job to support small businesses and bring new people into the community. They have invested heavily in tourism and have helped foster a thriving nightlife. On top of that, they have done a great job keeping the historic feel and vibe while also allowing for the development of dilapidated properties to help grow the area.

On top of that, the non-profit groups like the 327 gentleman's club really help bring people to the area and drive foot traffic and interest in the area. For example, during the height of covid-19 when all non-essential businesses were closed, they created a program where if you order takeout from local restaurants you get cards that if you save up enough you get a t-shirt. This while simple certainly helps stimulate the local economy.

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